A Weekend In Iowa, Being Pandered To

I spent the holiday in Iowa and got to see what it’s like being pandered to constantly by candidates. Highlights:

Kucinich has no ad presence in Iowa. Bummer.

The only Republican ads I saw were from Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo — I got to see the famous Tom Tancredo “oogabooga they’re gonna get you!” ad several times.

Amusingly, a relative of mine who lives there didn’t realize Tancredo was running for president — he thought he was just making ads about how Islamic terrorists were infiltrating us disguised as Mexican immigrants in hoodies for whatever reason. The ads barely mentioned his candidacy…

Obama and Edwards have a strong ad presence and both focus on the middle class getting the shaft at the hands of large corporations and hyper-rich, which is good — they’re focused on something important.

Clinton’s ad, which I saw several times, strongly suggests that her health care plan is to personally phone hospitals and convince them to give people health care for free, which I think is just awesome. Rock on Hillary.