Clinton: Cut Iraq Funding To Force Change (!!!!)

Clinton: Cut Iraq Funding To Force Change, Hillary Clinton Says U.S. Troops Can’t “Referee” A Civil War In Iraq – CBS News:

(CBS) Congress should stop funding the Iraq war to force President Bush and the Iraqi government to “change course,” Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., said Sunday on Face The Nation.

“No matter how heroically and dedicated the performance of our young men and women and their officers are in Iraq – which it has been – they cannot referee successfully a sectarian civil war,” Clinton told Bob Schieffer. “So I voted against funding last spring. I will vote against funding again in the absence of any change in policy.”

Mrs. Clinton, you have my attention.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of a trend.

“All my injuries, the bullets are in my back.”

Wounded Iraqis: ‘No one did anything’ to provoke Blackwater –

Salman says he is a lawyer who was headed from a courthouse to the Ministry of Justice when he found his route blocked by four armored Blackwater SUVs.

The roadblock soon caused a traffic snarl, so armed Blackwater guards began waving at the drivers, telling them to turn around and leave the area.

“So we turned back, and as we turned back they opened fire at all cars from behind,” Salman said. “All my injuries, the bullets are in my back.

“Within two minutes the security force arrived in planes — part of the security company Blackwater. They started firing randomly at all citizens.”

Blackwater, in a statement issued after the incident, denied that gunfire came from aircraft. “The helicopters providing aerial support never fired weapons,” it said.

The firm also said its employees “acted lawfully and appropriately in response to a hostile attack.”

So… think the fact that the Iraqi president kicked them out is actually going to make Blackwater leave? Anybody taking bets?

Blackwater license being revoked in Iraq – Yahoo! News

Blackwater license being revoked in Iraq – Yahoo! News:

“We have canceled the license of Blackwater and prevented them from working all over Iraqi territory. We will also refer those involved to Iraqi judicial authorities,” Khalaf said.

I wonder if Bush will find a way to make sure Blackwater gets back in. If? Maybe “how long it will be” instead.