7 thoughts on “Arrr… whatever.”

  1. I’m not sure that it was ever cool.

    I’d say it’s pretty much always been mildly funny. Sadly, I ran across a couple online forums today where people evidently believed it was really, really funny.

    Sadly, they were wrong.

  2. Well, maybe it was the first time they’d heard of it. It might be funny then.

  3. Could be. Many of the people writing in the forum seemed to be college students and so they might just have had the time to get into it. “Getting into it” in this context meant clogging the forum with their attempts to “write like a pirate.”

    Oh for the days when pirates were illiterate…

  4. Having the day is cool. Actually talking like a pirate (or writing like a pirate) is not.

  5. Yall are gen-x cynical poopyheads.
    Talk like a pirate day/Talking like a pirate is cool and fun.
    Don’t rain on my parade.
    Talk like a pirate day TRIED to jump the shark, fell short and had a leg chewed off, thus necessitating use of a peg re-enforcing its powerful pirate-ness.

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