“Change ‘Kick’ to ‘Kiss’ And This One Is Done, Albeit Disturbingly”

On OS X, I use Aquamacs, and so I decided to see what the news was in the Aquamacs world. Were they going to move on to Emacs 22? I went to their home page and imagine my surprise when I see a testimonial from myself on the front page.

“Tried it and my head exploded!” it says, with my name as a link, but strangely the link doesn’t go to the original testimonial, but to the Aquamacs page itself.

testimonial screenshot

I didn’t remember writing a testimonial to the wonderfulness of Aquamacs, and if I had, it didn’t seem like cranial detonation was that much of an encomium.

I did eventually track down the blog post from April 2005 where I said those words. It wasn’t precisely a testimonial…

Just noticed AquaMacs, which is similar but “enhanced” to make it more friendly to general Mac users.

I tried it and my head exploded, because they remapped old-fashioned keys I use constantly (control-v to mean ’scroll down a screen’). It may be better for new users but it was not good for me. Oh, and the proportionally spaced font — very pretty, but useless to me for coding in Perl, which is what I do in Emacs all day. Disaster. And new windows popping up all over the place all the time!

Maybe that’s why they didn’t link to it. :)

Oh, I could have answered my own question by checking “About Aquamacs” in the menu… it’s already on version 22 of Emacs.