Thrifty Democrats & Wastrel Republicans

Exploration Through Example provides a graph of the national debt under Democrats and Republicans.

I understand that under certain right-wing economic ideologies, a crippling debt is desirable, because it provides a pretext to slash social services spending, and since government is bad, wasteful, and evil, (at least when it’s trying to provide a social safety net) having an economically crippled and feeble government is ideal.  So sorry, couldn’t fund schools or health care or benefits for children in poor families — we’re all out of money — no idea where it all went.  By sheer coincidence, damn, my Halliburton stock is sure looking good!  (The name Grover Norquist pops into mind in this context.)
I guess Republicans are into red ink as well as red states.

1 thought on “Thrifty Democrats & Wastrel Republicans”

  1. Damnit, dude, I was in a good mood this morning, too!


    How the f* do they get off playing the “democrats are spenders” card all the time? (If the graph is to be trusted.)

    Of course, if you mention these facts to a republican, they will respond, that changes in the administration’s policies don’t take effect until later – so the current rise in debt is largely due to poor management on Clinton’s behalf and that he benefited from the prior administration.

    ‘course – no facts to support this.

    Eh. I’m voting green anyway. And thank god Spitzer (democrat) is going to win NY’s govenorship this year. (hope)

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