“Hardass About Everything” Syndrome

Griper Blade: The Best Way to Fight Terrorism Might be to Impeach Bush

I’ve come up with a term to describe the Bush/Cheney brand of conservatism — Hardass About Everything. I actually came up with that a few years ago to describe talk radio programmed robots on online forums. For them, there is no problem that can’t be solved by being a bigger jerk than you are now. If Iraqis are unhappy that we’re killing them, for example, the HAE solution is to kill more of them. Punishment solves every problem and the military is the only arm of government worth a damn.Bush is often accused of being power mad. That’s not actually true — he just doesn’t know any better. Bush and company just have about the worst case of HAE in american history. It’s an extremely limiting mindset. Punishment is the only tool in their toolbox. That’s why they came up with torture as an american policy — they are unable to see any alternative. They fail to see that the way to end their ‘war on terror’ is to stop making terrorists. And the reason they fail to see this is because that would mean they’d have to stop being dicks. In the mind of an HAE sufferer, this is unacceptable.

Man, that sums up well the biggest problem with conservatives.