BushFish.org: Supporting God and Country

BushFish.org: Supporting God and Country.

Via Fr. Jake.

Can this possibly be serious?

I mean, it pretty much sums up Republicanism and Fundamentalism and much of Evangelicalism today in an easy to parse message. But I didn’t realize it was a message anybody would be willing to spell out so clearly…

Fr. Jake doesn’t think it’s a joke, but I’m thinking it must be parody.

1 thought on “BushFish.org: Supporting God and Country”

  1. I believe the right-wing in America has become too self-superior too arrogant and too self righteous for it’s own good! these people have muddied the waters and confused
    self- righteousness with righteousness. They have become so puffed up they actually believe they are the majority in America today. They are WRONG!!! They use their professed belief in God as a shield and as the justification for doing horrible, horrible things. They obviously do not believe in responsibility or accountability.

    As a Jew, I know in my heart of hearts our forefathers would be rolling over in their graves by now. As a child I was not allowed to play with certain children because their right-wing parents told them I was a Jew and therefor a Christ killer. As an adult I have been told so many times by right-wing Christians I am going to hell because I’m a Jew I have lost count.

    The attitude of the right-wing in America is not only disgusting, it is also extremely divisive, exclusionary and racist! No one is better than someone else. No one can claim their belief in God is stronger than someone else’s just because of the religion they practice. Most Christians go to Church and worship God once a week. I often wonder if the right-wing proponents go to church at all. If they do it, they must be going to churches which preach hate, intolerance, judgment, fear, greed and racism. I worship and love God every moment of every day, not just on Sunday!

    One must be taught to hate, The right-wing in America is filled with a lot of hate. The appear to believe they own God. They don’t appear to worship and love God. God is love not hate. Satan represents hate. These right-wing Christians do not believe in the same God of love and forgiveness I believe in for if they did they would not be capable of manifesting so much self-superiority, self-righteousness, judgment. dishonesty and hate.

    If one really looks at Tom Delay for example, one sees clearly he is a very self-righteous and arrogant person who seems to erroneously believe he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. It would seem Karl Rove practices the same mind set. Rush Limbaugh, James Dobson and many others are obviously in the same camp. And then there was James Baker. Need I say more?

    None of the people who are affiliated with and/or proponents of the right-wing seem to practice honesty, ethics, integrity, responsibility, accountability and most importantly, LOVE. The borameter for how well a person worships God by the amount of honesty, compassion, empathy and love, they are willing demonstrate towards others.

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