In A Fix With Yahoo

My password was just changed on my Yahoo account. I don’t know why or by whom. Perhaps it was sniffed over the wire while I was on a wireless connection today. I don’t know.

But the trouble is, Yahoo won’t email me my new password without my putting in my identity information. But I had bogus identity information in there, stemming from when Yahoo’s marketing tactics were getting unpleasant.

So… I can’t remember what date of birth and zip code I put in there. My real ones don’t work. And without those it won’t let me request a new password (they DO have my correct email, to send my password to).

So I can’t change my yahoo groups subscriptions or anything like that.

I can’t login to Yahoo Messenger anymore.

I am Yahoo-Screwed.

That’ll teach me to withhold information from Big Brother, I guess. :(

If you’re used to contacting me on yahoo messenger, well…. I guess you won’t be anymore. Until I establish a new yahoo ID and track you down again.


Only thing I can think of is possibly to write a script to brute-force the DOB and ZIP on the new password request form.

3 thoughts on “In A Fix With Yahoo”

  1. I sorry this happened to you. My mother had her yahoo account hijacked about 4 years ago, by her second then to be soon ex-husband. He changed the id info too so she wasn’t able to retreive her new password. Yahoo customer service is virtually non-existent, so she just established a new identity and told all her friends that the previous account was no longer good.

    so only symphathy.

  2. Yes I have that same problem with my yahoo account and from time to time I see them bring that id up but never get a response. Did you have any luck in getting yours back?

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