GMail Messages are Vulnerable to Interception

GMail Messages are Vulnerable to Interception — nice buffer overflow there. Glad you saved all those CPU cycles by using C rather than a language which is not vulnerable to buffer overflow exploits, like, well… like anything else except C and its cousins, basically! Nice job Google.

Oleg on Google programmers, a couple years ago:

Peter Norvig was also cavalier about programming languages. He said people often need more control over memory allocation — that’s why they choose C++. Google uses a lot of C++. Doesn’t Peter Norvig know how hard it is to manage memory? That’s why it is better to leave this task to professionals. One of his slides said: “It’s better to hire an active VB programmer than a guru who isn’t interested in your problem.” This is exactly the attitude that keeps bringing buffer overflow news every week.

News about the ‘sploit via afterslash.

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  1. I recall from grad school one estimate that 1 of every 3 bugs in C code was related to memory handling. It was one reason I got into Java, though of course other languages like Perl offer to abstract memory-handling too.

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