It was the freshest move I’d ever seen. Like ‘e was floatin’ on air.

Remember the Utah Saints, a Wonder whose One Hit was a spiffy little track “Something Good” consisting of three minutes of a throbbing dance beat with a sample from Kate Bush’s “Cloudbusting” playing over it repeatedly? Apparently they’re, like, still alive and stuff, and they just put out a fun little video.

In it we learn about the mysterious phenomenon that took place on St. David’s Day, 1989, in a little Cardiff nightclub… Lost to history till now, though it has surely affected countless lives.

If I not only remember when this song came out, but remember thinking, back then, “yeah, it’s kinda fun, but it ain’t nothing like as cool as the Kate Bush song it samples…” does that make me… old?

Synchronicity: I was listening to a Kate Bush song (“Joanni”) when I saw somebody link to this song on a message board and followed the link…