Hey I think I’ll make a quick app.

I want to make my own rss reader.  Let’s get started!  I’ll do it in wxpython.  Hm.  The built-in wxpython on OS X doesn’t work anymore since I upgraded Python.  I’ll install a new one.  It fails; errors out.  OK, I’ll try wxruby.  Easy to install — just a rubygem.  Installing… and it fails.  How about Shoes?  I used to make lots of fun little applications with Shoes. Eh, ever since _why disappeared I can’t bear to mess with his former projects. I know people are continuing developing it, but I don’t care.  _why’s gone, no Shoes.  What next?  Maybe a locally-powered webapp? How bout Sinatra?  Easy to install; simple in concept.  Install it; make it go “Hello World.”  OK, now I’ve got to… to… come up with a user interface from scratch using only HTML, with Javascript for immediate interactivity but Ruby when that interactivity passes an arbitrary threshold and interacts with the “server.”  *sigh*.

You know, NetNewsWire is pretty nice.