Emacs 23.1

Breaking radio silence to say — yay!  New emacs!

Will probably set Aquamacs aside to play with it, though I may find myself going back to the really-quite-wonderful Aquamacs eventually.

5 thoughts on “Emacs 23.1”

  1. Hmmm. I may have to CVS this and try building it. Are you running a Carbon build? Are they doing git yet? The futzmonkey forced me to download org-mode today. Must resist…

  2. Default compile for OS X is Cocoa now, not Carbon! How cool is that?

    I did:

    ./configure –with-ns
    make install

    which created an app bundle for me.

    That’s all it took…

    vc-git.el is included!

  3. Get OUT. Cocoa? So Aquamacs really is obsoleted? HolEE CRAP.

    Next thing you know, NNW’ll get Google Reader syncing.

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