Some Syd Barrett Videos

UPDATE: As Mike pointed out in the comments, Syd’s death happened 2 years ago.  I ran across a link to it somewhere today — I don’t remember where — and thought, “Huh, I thought I’d heard he’d died before… maybe that was just when he got really sick with the the diabetes that killed him.”  However, that didn’t cause me to look at the dateline of the article and realize this WAS old news.  Oh well.  I cannot brain today, I have the dumb.

Despite it being old news, here are some of my favorite songs from Syd-Barrett-era Floyd, one from his solo album Opel, and one more tasty piece of pastry.

Syd Barrett died at only 60, of diabetes.

Some syd….



Lucifer Sam

Dark Globe

And now for something completely different… Inspired by all those psychedelic tunes with videos of guys wearing fluffy white cravats…

2 thoughts on “Some Syd Barrett Videos”

  1. An excellent collection of videos. I can see why it took you two years to compile it. ;-)

  2. Man, I feel stupid. I thought I’d heard about his death before, but then thought “oh, I must have just heard about him having problems with diabetes or something.” GOD FORBID I LOOK AT THE DATELINE OF THE ARTICLE.

    Now I can’t remember where I got the link that made me think it was today.

    I think I’ll change the title of the article to make myself look a little less like an idiot.

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