Unexpected Burst Of Awesomeness From Pete Hoekstra

Hoekstra pledges probe of destroyed CIA tapes – Muskegon Chronicle – MLive.com:

The top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee is defying the Bush administration and promising to investigate the destruction of CIA interrogation tapes.

The Justice Department has urged Congress not to look into the matter and advised intelligence officials not to cooperate with a legislative inquiry.

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” U.S. Rep. Peter Hoekstra said he thinks Congress will issue subpoenas.

He lambasted the intelligence community as “incompetent,” “arrogant” and “political.”

This is the same Pete Hoekstra who teamed up with Rick Santorum to tell the world that they had discovered the WMDs in Iraq that nobody else had noticed.

I’m not used to hearing about him doing anything remotely admirable.

We can only assume he has been kidnapped by aliens and replaced by a crude and hastily-put-together clone.

UPDATE: It occurs to me that he may just be resentful of the CIA for putting the kibosh on his loopy WMD claims, and looking for revenge. Well, whatever it takes.