Rock On Chris Dodd! And Biden, Edwards, and Obama… and eventually, Hillary

Dodd Sets Pace on Dunking Mukasey – Politics on The Huffington Post:
Dodd just said outright that he will vote “no” on Mukasey, because the fellow doesn’t seem to understand that laws apply to Presidents too or that something that was torture when Japanese did it to Americans in the 40s is still torture when Americans do it to Muslims in the 2000s. No “second chance to clarify” — he’s down for the count. Send in the next monkey.

Within hours of Dodd’s statement, Biden, Edwards, Richardson, and Obama joined in. (Who cares if Richardson joined in? He’s not a Senator, he’s got no vote. I’m sure Kucinich and Gravel don’t approve of Mukasey either but they don’t have votes either…)

Let’s see, what other senator is running for President as an ostensible Democrat… Hillary? Hello, anyone there? Do you have a problem with torture? Do you believe that the Constitution applies even to Presidents? Hm… no way to know, really….

UPDATE: Hillary finally jumped onboard.