Guitar Update

I got a guitar for my birthday last week. I’ve been playing every day, using the chords Joe taught me when I bought it.

Tonight the 6-year-old twins brought home a school library book to read at bedtime, a book that has its own multimedia website: Punk Farm.

After reading the book I got out the guitar and whaled on some random chords and shouted “OLD MACDONALD HAS A FARM — EE I EE I OH!” with the kids. They bounced on the bed and shouted along.

Afterwards my son asked me, very seriously, “are you going to be a rock star someday?”

I didn’t rule it out.

Cause you never know, right?

4 thoughts on “Guitar Update”

  1. Checked out the site and Abby and Becca would totally love it. The silhouetted animals at the bottom remind me of the ones you see on Mystery Science Theatre 3000. (Remember that? Is that still on anywhere?)

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