Vern Ehlers’ Blow-Off-The-Insignificant-Liberal-Constituents Squad Isn’t Even Trying Anymore

So, I contacted Vern Ehlers again to express my views on, you know, everything. Like, how he could vote for the impeachment of Bill Clinton but not Cheney or Bush. How we should get the hell out of Iraq right now. The usual.

Of course, I got a form letter back which betrayed no awareness of anything I had written. But apparently the crack Liberal Constituent Blow-Off Squadron hasn’t even learned to use their “Constituent Mass Blowoff” software correctly…


2 thoughts on “Vern Ehlers’ Blow-Off-The-Insignificant-Liberal-Constituents Squad Isn’t Even Trying Anymore”

  1. Personally, I remember being amused to read a ranking of House of Representatives’ members’ voting records and finding that he was actually left of center relative to the rest of the House prior to the 2006 mid-term elections…

    Not that that meant he was particularly liberal, but it did make me smile.

  2. Never worry. He’s taken a strong stand in the War of …err…on Terra, voting for a strong condemnation of MoveOn and their irritating habit of exercising free speech. Much more pressing than anything else going on in the country.

    (By the way, I mistakenly thought the Dems won the House last November. When did the big switcheroo take place?)

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