50,000: The Number Of Fear

Via mph, Columbia Journalism Review discusses “50,000,” the magical number of fear:

When Attorney General Alberto Gonzales gave a speech about a major initiative to combat the “growing problem” of Internet predators, he cited a statistic that 50,000 such would-be pedophiles were prowling the Net at any given moment and attributed it to Dateline. Jason McLure, a reporter at Legal Times in Washington, D.C., (where I was formerly an editor), asked the show about the number. Dateline told him that it had gotten it from a retired FBI agent who consulted with the show. When the agent was contacted he wasn’t sure where the number had come from, terming it a “Goldilocks” figure — “Not small and not large.” He added that it was the same figure that was used by the media to describe the number of people killed annually by Satanic cults in the 1980s, and before that was cited as the number of children abducted by strangers each year in the 1970s.

Good things may come in threes, but things that want to harm your children or sacrifice you to Satan always appear in groups of 50,000.

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  1. I get so tired of how stupid they think we are. I mean, so physically tired that I simply want to be stupid enough to believe ’em for a while. It’d be so — much — easier.

    But first, I’d have to get cable . . .

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