OK, I’m Blogging This, Joe.

Joe swore I would blog this, I swore I wouldn’t, he wins.

I wore my Achewood “Dude and Catastrophe” T-shirt today, to Meridian Mall in Okemos, and for the first time, somebody recognized it: a young man working the cash register at a philly steak place in the food court, from whom I was about to attempt to buy lunch.

“Worst webcomic ever,” he said, and customer service went downhill from there.

I’m gonna leave it at that.

1 thought on “OK, I’m Blogging This, Joe.”

  1. I’ll make you a shirt with a succubus with her tits hangin’ out.

    Wear that back there, and sock that dude right in the chops.

    Take pictures. :)

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