Alien Drone Files Environment
If you pay any attention to the currents of High Weirdness flowing through the world you may have seen some amazingly detailed photographs presented as sightings of a very improbable UFO. Response from reasonably serious UFO researchers has been complete incredulity, with the suggestion floated that it’s a viral marketing campaign for some upcoming film or video game.

The latest chunk of information is awesome, though. I mean, if there were any question left that that’s what it was, I think it’s pretty clear now…. But check this out — a “revelation” from a former Fed or something, who was working on the commercial exploitation of alien technology (the CARET program — Commercial Applications Research for Alien Technology) and he revealed some Official Documents from the program, which reveal that the alien technology in question looked just like these craft, down to the mysterious writing on them!

I’m linking cause the images in the “linguistic analysis primer” section are totally sweet.

Alien Drone Linguistics

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  1. Wow, that report is really cool – the whole thing should be framed and put on a gallery wall. I’d love for this to be real, but I’ve got to wonder why a government wouldn’t roll this out in some form if they had it – especially if its the DoD that runs the program.

    Still, I’d love for this to be real….

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