mc chris: just fileshare it, i’m tired of selling my music

GET IT WHILE ITS HOT (music going offline!)

all back catalog cd’s have been stricken from the shelves at indie merch store. dungeon master of cermonies and eating’s not cheating will be available on itunes for one more month, after that i will have cd’s with me on the road, but after that…


we may bring it back but not any time soon. there are just a few hundred left so i’d say come to a show and get one of the last of its kind. thanks to indie merch for kindly shipping all those cd’s and thanks to for hosting us on itunes. we got to lots of kids thanks to ur team’s efforts and i appreciate it for real.

as for the why… it’s just a new time in my life and i think i’d be happier if i knew u guys were just sharing it. i think sharing it is how i got to have any success in the first place. so its nice to just let it all be free. we wont be hosting any discs except for life’s a bitch. ur just gonna have to pass it along urself. regardless of what anyone else may say, i really hope u do. i need help getting the word out and i look at the back catalog like they’re dandelion spores.

peace and thanks to everyone that ever bought these discs. :)

wow. You don’t see that very often.