“Copycat Effect” Writer Warns About Impending School Shootings, On Mar. 28

The Copycat Effect: School Shooting Seasons: (Mar 28, ’07)

During the spring of 2007, school professionals and paraprofessionals, law enforcement officials, and mental health personnel should be aware we are entering the most active “School Shooting Season” since 9/11. From the end of March through the end of May, this window of time could be very deadly. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

He’s not spot-on. He expected shootings of students by outsdiers, where “outsider” could include former and/or expelled students. By that definition, Cho was not quite an outsider. Interesting though.

Loren Coleman is also known for his work in cryptozoology; his work often enters the blogosphere through his friends at BoingBoing.net.

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