Life Imitates Floam(TM)

Make your own imitation Floam | Beyond Satire

It works.  I actually grated my own styrofoam particles out of foam cups, which is the part I would not willingly repeat.  I first tried using our food processor to shred them, but it didn’t make fine enough particles.  Then I put them through a cheese grater by hand, which did the job but left a lot of big chunks of cup in the mix.  It’s possible it would have been easier with a grittier source of styrofoam, like the big chunks which protect electronic devices in a retail box, but I don’t want to find out.  Incredible mess.  I think I’ll see if someplace local carries the particles pre-ground.
Other than the styrofoam grating, it was a total piece of cake; easy and quick and straightforward to make, and I ended up with a very serviceable (if chunky) wad of floamy substance.

I’ll update tomorrow on how it dries.  I made a smiley face out of a small chunk of it and left it out to dry.

Homemade Floamy-stuff