Former Rush Limbaugh Staffer Successfully Trolls Slashdot

The story: “Expert Wants to Decertify Global Warming Skeptics.” The source: a blog entry on the Senate’s web pages. The blogger? James Inhofe’s communications director Marc Morano, one of the first publicizers of the Swift Boat Veterans For Hatchet Jobs. Using the years of experience as reporter and producer for the Rush Limbaugh tv show he has emerged to protect the integrity of American science!

To Digg’s credit, this got one single solitary digg (Or at least that’s the total it ended up with; I don’t know how digg works too much). And I don’t know if it even showed up on Reddit. Though I seem to remember them falling pretty hard for that hoax about the Bush administration pressuring Grand Canyon staffers not to admit the age of the Canyon in deference to Creationists.