KEWL headphones

I got an Amazon gift certificate from work for Christmas, and got me some Logitech wireless, Bluetooth headphones. I can walk all over the house wearing these while the adapter’s plugged into my computer. (I can’t seem to get it to Bluetooth directly to the macbook, but that’s OK. So I don’t have to leave Bluetooth on on the macbook. That’s cool.)

I can’t find them on the Logitech home page, which makes me think they’re probably a discontinued model, but googling on the model number gives me lots of results like this one. That’s what I got. And I didn’t pay anywhere near $129 for it. More like just above $30.

In about 10 years, I’ll be using these with the used refurb iPhone I finally get around to buying. Till then I’ll be using ’em with my comparatively humble but makes-me-happy LG VX 8300.