The Comment Spam Takedown: Bad Behavior and Akismet

Between Bad Behavior blocking most spambots from even reaching the site (look at the bottom of the page to see how many it’s blocked as of now) and Akismet screening out the trickle that get through, I seem to have the comment spam issue covered. But what about legitimate comments? Is Akismet going to mistake them for spam, so I have to comb through them to find gems of real humanity? If you’ve got nothing better to do, help me out here with an experiment. Drop a comment from you, a human being (or equivalent sapient entity) reading this, and I’ll see which ones if any get misclassified as spammage. I’ll report what happened in an update on the post.

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11 Responses to The Comment Spam Takedown: Bad Behavior and Akismet

  1. Paul Czege says:

    Several years ago I published My Life with Master. It’s a roleplaying game. And today it still makes a fine Christmas gift.

  2. Paul Czege says:

    Well, that one went through. Maybe a better test would have used some $$$dollar signs$$$.

  3. Paul Czege says:

    Or some foul fucking language!

  4. Ed Hand says:

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  5. Ed Hand says:

    Hmmmm. Perhaps we’re already whitelisted?

  6. Ed Hand says:

    Ahhh…. A message with many links to got caught.

  7. Ed Hand says:

    I guessed at the website, BTW. Don’t imagine there’s any reason. :)

  8. Ed That Goes Ping says:

    1. I love you guys.

    2. There’s no whitelist

    3. There is an automatic “more than 3 links = spam” thing, but it’s not part of Akismet, just of WordPress, and I just turned it off. It did indeed block your “lotsa links” post, Ed, but I am not sure if it was done by WordPress or Akismet (I think it was Akismet, which suggests it may have a similar diagnostic.)

  9. ee says:

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  10. James says:

    A comment that’s chock full of bile
    To simulate spam for Ed Heil
    Should contain words like fuck,
    Cunt, ass, and cock suck,
    And might even be good for a smile.

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