Comment Sickness: Note To Potential Commenters

I’m dreading checking my comments, because, as I mentioned, they seem to get sicker by the day. I’m going to try to cut back on some of the worst offenders, by outright banning words that I imagine will be far more common in the urschleim than in real people’s comments. Comments with these words in them (even as partial words) will drop straight into the primal ooze, instantly deleted without even being queued for moderation. I think probably banning the f-word will get rid of most of them. Going to give that a try. Apologies to friends leaving posts with casual profanity who get them deep sixed for that reason. Try to clean up that pottymouth.

I had several other words that seemed obvious candidates for banning but many words are really nasty in one context but perfectly normal in another. Or they may occur as parts of innocent words or phrases. A friend named kept getting her emails returned by a corporate email filter and experimentation eventually proved it was objecting to her last name, Van Dyke. That kind of thing. If I ban the most common slang term for micturation, as I was tempted to by a particularly vile comment spam, I will never hear of anyone “pissing and moaning” in my comments, which seems like overkill.

I think I’m probably safe putting the kibosh on “shemale” though. Let me know if that inconveniences anyone, kay?


I think I’m going to give some plugins a chance before I try to come up with words to block myself.  Starting with Akismet and  thinking about Bad Behavior.  So if you want to use naughty words in comments you should be cool if you’re not an evil spambot.