Just A Touch of Bleak Pessimism At A Time of Rejoicing


Points out that despite the opposition holding power in the legislature, Bush has already been granted dictatorial powers, and plans for concentration camps in America have been approved and are underway (courtesy of Halliburton).

On the upside — I seriously believed that Republican fraud in voting machines and vote counting machines and procedures would be enough to guarantee a stranglehold on the legislature. I was wrong. Things weren’t that bad. (Or if they are that bad whoever’s in charge of it isn’t a Republican…)

So perhaps something good can be done about this stuff too.

Via Steve DeKorte.

3 thoughts on “Just A Touch of Bleak Pessimism At A Time of Rejoicing”

  1. Be happy Ed, you can do it! No more conspiracies. No more dark Republican plots. Just happy. Let the bogeyman go free. :)

  2. Don’t let go of that black paranoia just yet. The invisible hand doesn’t want a revolution in America, and extremism always gets us riled up. They just put a moderate legislature in place after they got their dictatorial figurehead in office. I was relieved at the voting machines electing a non-republican party too, but like you said, it doesn’t matter what they look like, power never changes hand.

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