Aged Audio

Aged Audio

Most [vintage audio blogs] focus on old rock and indie 45’s, but I have yet to find one that’s dedicated to that lost art of music called easy listening.

Some may call it lounge music, others call it rest-home music. I recall ilstening to alot of this stuff on the AM radio on the way to church in the early 70s in my folks Oldsmobile as we trekked thru the cornfields and headed to wherever.

The stuff faded from memory as music left the vinyl format and into CDs and tapes. I also caught the rock bug and decided that old music was bland and not for me. After alot of phases of scenes (techno, punk, goth and britpop), I got the opportunity to collect all the old records from my folks along with the ever-needed Technics Turntable.

This and a penchant for Tom Jones caught my fancy for collecting old vinyl. Soon I was hitting dollar-bins in the used record section and found countless releases with strange covers, titles and eventually got around to actually listening to the stuff on the ‘ol turntable. I discovered a world that’s slowly deteriorating as more old-releases from the past are getting lost by non-CD releases and eventually never going digital. After while I got more fascinated. Why was this album produced in the first place? Who gave the green light for the strange model on the cover?

Now I’ve got this huge collection of what I’d call “classics” that would probably go away as time progresses to the digital age. Its time for those sounds to get their grooves cleaned, digitized and recognized one more for a last shot at stardom.

This is gonna be a fun blog.  Via personal communication (the blogger is an old college friend, biggest music nerd I know).

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