Even More Creative Correction

“Davis heated a pair of scissors on a stove in August 2004 and held it to her 6-year-old son’s neck before cutting off a piece of his tongue as punishment for talking back, authorities said. Her estranged husband, Toby Davis reported the injuries to police and she was arrested.” (link)

Sounds like somebody’s been extrapolating from Lisa “Blair from the Facts of Life” Welchel’s encyclopedia of ways to cause your children pain and humiliation, Creative Correction.

Spare the heated scissors and spoil the child, don’t ya know.

“Henry County prosecutors had recommended that Davis serve five years in prison. But the boy’s father testified Tuesday that he did not want her to go to prison.

“‘He told the judge she is a good woman, and he doesn’t feel his son is unsafe around her,’ Davis’ lawyer, Rickey L. Richardson, said.”

I have nothing to add.