And You Thought Gopher was Old School

MPH, in his continuing descent into madness, has replaced his blog with a static page. That’s only a little old school. What’s really old school is that the static page is generated via a PHP script from his dot-plan file, which is conveniently written in Markdown.

And you can actually get the markdown version (if you’re on a unix box or the equivalent) by issuing the ‘finger’ command on his username mph at puddingbowl dot org. Truth.

c:/ $ finger
Login: mph            			Name: Michael Hall
Directory: /home/mph                	Shell: /bin/bash
On since Mon Jul 24 08:58 (PDT) on pts/4 from
4 minutes 34 seconds idle
New mail received Tue Jul 18 05:30 2006 (PDT)
Unread since Mon Aug 29 13:25 2005 (PDT)
### since you're just joining:

why have a blog when you can have a PAGE!? As it changes, new stuff'll be colored or something.  Old stuff will slide away, unarchived anywhere but the Overmind.

1 thought on “And You Thought Gopher was Old School”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know *anyone* ran finger daemons anymore. That totally rocks. Scott Yanoff ran his “list” for years in his .plan file.

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