Back From the Dark Side On Two Levels

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I can do that on Apple bulletin boards, I suppose, but yelling on an Apple bulletin board is about like yelling at a wall of shiny white plastic. It does not respond. No one cares. Apple’s been busy blowing off people who have memorized pieces of its own human interface guidelines for half a decade now. It doesn’t care what someone who usually buys refurbed Macs thinks.Sometimes I think the only way Apple will lose the customers it does care about is if it starts packing bits of limburger and putrid hamburger into the fan vents of every machine it ships. And be ready for Gruber to defend that, too.

Mph flirts with a return to the Free side from the “Free enough” side on two levels: He’s talking about what he likes about Ubuntu — and he does it in a new blog running the Free WordPress instead of the nonfree Movable Type.

Times change.