African-American Voters Scrubbed by Secret GOP Hit List

African-American Voters Scrubbed by Secret GOP Hit List Greg Palast

A systematic, planned, deliberate purge of voter registrations from African-American districts, a key element of which was denying votes to any resident from one of those districts who was stationed in Iraq.

The “Republicans stole the 2004 Presidency” idea is sounding less and less crazy as more information surfaces.

Webcomic Q: Augusta == Rodney’s Widow?

Midnight Macabre and Something Positive take place in the same fictional world, and share some storyline (Lisa Baugh is a preschooler in MM and grown up in S*P.  Her father Gaspar from MM makes a couple appearances in S*P).  Here’s something that hasn’t been clarified but seems possible — Is Rodney’s Widow from MM the same woman as Augusta from S*P? I haven’t found anything confirming or disconfirming the equation in a little browsing about.  Any other S*P fans got a clue?

Call For (Mac) Clues

Crap. Second mac laptop to take a dive in six months.

This one, a 14″ G3 ibook (800mhz).

Specifically, the video died on this one. You can start it up and hear it do its thing, but the screen stays blank. Also the little power-on light doesn’t come on when it’s on, nor does it pulse when it’s sleeping.

Just plain dead video.

It happened pretty suddenly.

Is this thing hosed? Any suggestions on what I could try to fix it?

This is one of the worst times for this to happen, financially. :\

Any readers I haven’t managed to alienate thoroughly yet, got any ideas?


  • Zap the Pram (hold down command option P R while booting) — no effect


  • See if the ibook is covered by the logic board failure dealy — take it to the apple store tomorrow.