You Make Money With That?

As folks who know me know, I work from home.  “From home” often means “not from home, from someplace else which has wifi connectivity.”  One of those places is McDonald’s.  I was working in the McD’s on 44th near Clyde Park, doing my thing, whatever, when this ostentatiously well dressed guy sporting a couple gold rings approached me and said, “Hey, you make money on that thing?”  I said yes, I sure did.  He was thrown off his stride by that statement.  When he un-confused himself, he launched into a brief spiel about this business thingy that he was involved in and recruiting for, and which he wanted me to know was not a pyramid scheme.

I nodded and smiled; after a few minutes he gave me a card with his name and a website and a guest password I could use to get in and look around.  I haven’t gotten around to it yet.  I think I still have the card.  You know, just in case I want to make money with my computer doing some kind of business which is described only in very vague terms but is not a pyramid scheme.

OK. Back to making money.

13 thoughts on “You Make Money With That?”

  1. I love it when someone tells me a thing is absolutely NOT something else. If I’m told it’s NOT a pyramid scheme, it most certainly is. If I’m told it’s NOT illegal, it might be, and most probably will be soon.

  2. Amway? You mean “Alticor” right? :)

    No, it’s smaller time than that, it seems… website is “the” hyphen “team” dot “biz”.

    Maybe they’re Amway wannabees….

  3. I really love how the website makes it impossible to actually find out how to make money with this. Plus, the blogs it links to seem to be entirely taken up by buzzwords and marketing speak about leadership and contain little if any content.

  4. Yeah, that’s one of the “Line of Sponsorships” for Quixtar. Be afraid…

    What’s the guy’s name? Better yet, what’s his IBO number? It’s probably on the card. I’ll change his password for the Quixtar site so he can’t get in for a day or so. :)

  5. That Would Be Wrong. :)

    I suspect the IBO number is the password to the guest site… 1784503.

    But don’t hose the man. I’m sure his life sucks enough being a thrall of Quixtar. :)

  6. Here’s an interesting article:

    Not sure how much is replicated in the wikipedia one. My favorite part of the article:

    “Orrin Woodward did not return calls. His assistant said he was too busy snowmobiling with his children.”

    I would love to see that assistant’s list of Orrin Excuses:

    * snowmobiling with children
    * hang-gliding with wife
    * skeet-shooting with business partners
    * windsurfing in Bahamas
    * boat-purchasing with vast fortune

  7. * making millions in his spare time
    * living the high life
    * fishing on the Pacific
    * driving the Autobahn in his Mercedes
    * buying tickets for Spaceship One

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