Dick Cheney: NRA Poster Boy

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Dick Cheney, the US Vice-President, accidentally shot a man in the face with a shotgun while hunting for quail on a Texas ranch.

No doubt the man had ties to Al-Qaeda… and I’m sure pre-hunt intelligence showed that he had vast stores of weapons of mass destruction in his hunting jacket.

3 thoughts on “Dick Cheney: NRA Poster Boy”

  1. either that, or dick was drunker than shit when he was out hunting. which explains why it took them so long to answer questions: dick needed to sober up. :D

  2. 28 gauge shotgun = small.
    Bird shot = very small pellets.
    90 feet away = not close.

    Last week, someone reporting for NPR said that Cheney shot him with ‘A Hunting Rifle’.

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