Iran Renames Danish Pastries


Tehran, 7 Feb. (AKI) – Iran has decided to rename Danish pastries “Mohammedan” pastry – a new twist in the crisis which has triggered protest by Muslims throughout the world against cartoons of Mohammed first published in Denmark.

Man, what kind of morons would rename a food item in protest of the country it was named after?  Sheesh.

One thing we’re learning about Iran these days — they sure have a sense of humor.

Probably a desirable quality in a nuclear or almost-nuclear power.

6 thoughts on “Iran Renames Danish Pastries”

  1. I remember reading about World War I when I was in high school. One of the things that I found particularly wierd and pointless was how people renamed sauerkraut “liberty cabbage” or renamed a local town which had been named Berlin.

    Now I’ve actually lived through an era in which people actually attempted to renamed french fries “freedom” fries and french toast “freedom” toast.

    It’s amusing to me that it stopped at food though. I mean, I haven’t heard anyone talk about “freedom” kisses or “freedom” poodles.

  2. They are over reacting to a cartoon, but still I respect their right to rename food and even to stop buying it, what I can not put up with is with the burning of embassies their racist views about the jews (denial of holocaust,etc) and their pursuing of nuclear arms as they go on fuding terrorist groups around the world (Hezbollah).
    We cant trust them not to pass it on to their terrorist proxies to be used against their enemies.

  3. Also, of course, syphilis was once known as the “French pox.” Renaming it the “Freedom pox” doesn’t do a lot for me.

  4. Yeah, melic, it’s pretty nuts what is going on.

  5. Ed, on a totally different angle, did you read the article in time about Steven/Stephen Hayes and his “Acceptance and Commitment Theory”? Has a lot in there about mindfulness. I’d never heard of him before, but it sounded like something you might either be aware of or interested in.

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