Bring It! Comic 13: The Futzmonkey

Bring It! Comic 13

Further Linux geeky commenting and elaboration —

There are a lot of things to like about KDE — the integration of applications and the beauty of the design have a lot to recommend them — but when you switch systems and don’t have an absolutely compelling reason to stay switched, there’s always something that drives you nuts and drives you back. For me it was that I needed the GIMP image editor to do anything worthwhile — there’s no KDE equivalent that’s worth crap — and non-KDE applications like the GIMP look terrible when you try to run them in KDE. Seriously terrible.

I think if I had started out using KDE I’d love it to pieces. I try to give it a shot every so often, but I just end up going back to GNOME, the default Ubuntu desktop.

2 thoughts on “Bring It! Comic 13: The Futzmonkey”

  1. The Futzmonkey visited me yesterday. My whole Saturday: Gone!

    Tell you what, though, my desktop is Bitchin’!

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