The Answer to How is Yes

I’ve just started reading the book ??The Answer to How is Yes?? by Peter Block.

Here’s a paragraph from the first chapter:

bq. One way of understanding the meaning of the question How? is to consider it as an expression of our wish for control and predictability. This is the appeal of the question. We think that we can find control and predictability in the mastery, the knowing, and the certainty of doing something the right way. Not our way, not one way, but the right way. We think that there is a right way, that someone else knows what it is, and that it is our job to figure it out. And the world conspires with this illusion, for it wants to sell us an answer. We ask “How?” and the world answers, “This way.”

Man, that is _exactly_ the sort of thing I’ve been thinking about in the context of Mindfulness. This is going to be a good book.