Loved the movie. (Saw it last night.)

I’ve been wishing since I was a little kid to see Narnia, and I saw Narnia. Good enough for me.

Wish I could take the kids to see it without having the crap scared out of them.

I even enjoyed the additions and changes — like actually seeing the battle. C.S. Lewis might not have envisioned the White Witch as badass on the battlefield as a Sith Lord swinging a lightsaber, but it worked for me.

And the opening scenes established Edmund as a sympathetic character and suggested that this was a whole family under terrible stress, and that he was kind of singled out as the bad kid and playing that role, but it was not just him that was having problems.

It just all worked for me.

Objectively there are a number of things I’ve seen pointed out as problems with the movie that I can see are true, but seeing the movie I did not give a damn.

I’d wanted since I was a child to see Narnia, and I saw Narnia.

That’s enough for me.