Deviant Computer Lust

New RISC OS machine coming soon

This sounds like an amazingly fun, cool machine. Though it’s nothing to do with Amiga it reminds me of the Amiga in being a cool rogue computer with an awesome OS and custom hardware that does more with less.

I will never be able to justify buying one.

But I want one.

(RiscOS inspired the awesome ROX desktop for Linux.)

2 thoughts on “Deviant Computer Lust”

  1. I may have commented on this before, but I grew up with Acorn computers. They dominated the schools and we had one at home. RISC OS was way ahead of its time, but I haven’t heard much that suggests it has moved along much since Acorn went bust.

    Still, I think there’s an Acorn RISC PC sitting at my parents’ place. I might get it out over Christmas — wonder if there are any cheap network cards for it available anywhere…

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