$15M suit for burns from java

New York Daily News – Home – $15M suit for burns from java

The 1986 McDonalds coffee lawsuit was widely mocked, but the woman suffered third degree burns. That’s serious, like having your clothes set on fire kind of serious. And McDonalds had the hottest coffee in the fast food industry and had already settled out of court many lawsuits involving previous customers burned by their coffee (including previous incidents of third degree burns) and consciously chose to keep the coffee that hot for the sake of taste.

This incident also includes third degree burns, and 200 degree coffee (comparable or greater in temperature to the McD’s coffee).

I hope this woman doesn’t become a national joke too.

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  1. You need to read the issue of “Too Much Coffee Man” entitled “The Lawsuit Issue”, where Shannon Wheeler goes into great detail regarding the McDonald’s coffee lawsuit, and how what you heard about it wasn’t at all what really happened. Eye-opening stuff.

    (get it?) :D

  2. Exactly…when will people learn that they are never responsible for anything?

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