Baby Boomer Jerk vs. Generation Y Jerks

Penny Arcade! today recounts the encounter between “Gabe” of Penny Arcade and Harlan Ellison, who was apparently annoyed to find that he shared guest of honor status with Gabe and Tycho.


He’s a ridiculous man, a little goblin who pokes his head out of dark holes and scowls at all the Earth. There is no room in my life for that kind of person.

From Tycho summarizing the incident:

Let’s be clear here. We’re talking about a person that a couple total assholes find rude.

There’s not that much to the exchange of hostilities, but if you’re curious, follow the link to read it.

3 thoughts on “Baby Boomer Jerk vs. Generation Y Jerks”

  1. I pleased me to read about this. I’ve always thought Ellison was an asshole, and to have it thrown in his face, in front of people made me happy. I mean, it kinda sounds like he started it, and Gabe finished it with that Star Wars crack. Brilliant!

    Gabe and Tycho may be assholes, but they at least have a sense of humor.

  2. Ha! That’s wonderful stuff. I’d heard the story about Ellison and the woman at the party before, but it never ever fails to amuse. Ellison was some sort of “adviser” on Babylon 5, I believe. I never quite got the connection, but jms seems to be a fan of his.

  3. I like Ellison’s writing quite a lot. I’ve never met Harlan Ellison in person, but the stories about him (even the ones he tells about himself) do not always show him in a good light.

    I’ve always been interested in meeting him, but if I do, I suppose I should prepare to be insulted.

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