One of my favorite programmers with a web presence is the enigmatic Why the Lucky Stiff.

I decided to play with his blog software, Hobix. This is how you install Hobix on a Mac:

~ ed$   ruby -ropen-uri -e 'eval open("http://go.hobix.com/0.2f").read'
# Readying install...
# Beginning gzip transmission.

                               () ()
                                () ()
               o --- (--=   _--_ /    \
             o( -- (---=  ~/     / ^ ^/
          o. (___ (_(__-=  //  ///\/\/

              you speedy little goat!!
                you got.. you got..
                  ahee!! hobix!!

# halloo!! ready to install the very latest hobix??
# DON'T BE 'FRAIDY!! nothing scary AT ALL!! (hobix is
# whizzzy cool and /everyone/ is holding your hand.)

+ ready to go + [Y/n] ?

God bless those who don’t take themselves or their software even the slightest bit seriously. Bless them and shower them with chunky bacon.

UPDATE: of course, it crapped out and died trying to create a weblog. Maybe I should have been “fraidy.”

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