It’s A Sickness

So, my new win/lin laptop, the low end acer dealy… I have a six gig partition set aside whose only purpose is to allow me to try out alternative linux distros and whatnot while causing as little damage as possible to the parts of the machines I actually use for work. Here’s what I’ve done with it so far.

  • GoboLinux. Cool but gaudy and some things didn’t work right.
  • DeMuDi. Rockin cool for what it was designed for.
  • Breezy Badger (Ubuntu unstable) Didn’t work at all.
  • Debian Sarge. All I can say is that as of Sarge, Debian isn’t quite as horribly painful to deal with as it had grown under Woody. But I still wouldn’t really recommend it to anybody when Ubuntu is an option.

Lotta time wasted there.

UPDATE: I went back to Sarge and the more I use it the more I like it. It’s not as smooth an install as the big Ubuntu, but I get sick of “Ubuntu Brown” everything (computers and earth tones don’t go together for me), there are some really sweet fonts and color schemes in a default Debian desktop install… I think I might stay here in Debian for a while. I can always turn to the Ubuntu fora for hints on how to do things too.