Creepy “Liberal Dystopia” Comic

Liberality is a dystopian fantasy by GWB fanboys, showing the nightmare world that might have been if we hadn’t (sort of) elected a “War President” in 2000. Full of character assassination of advocates of “peace” (they’re all toadies or tools of the evil and corrupt U.N. which wants to take over the world in the guise of bringing peace to it). It’s a depressing look inside the brains of, well, Bush’s ardent fanboys.

Larry Ellmore, D&D illustrator, did one of the covers. Huh.

Via Uncle Bear.

(Did I mention that Sean Hannity is a superhero?)

1 thought on “Creepy “Liberal Dystopia” Comic”

  1. The UN is UNwelcome!!!

    The UN is UNacceptable!!!

    Nice, the most on the nose writing I’ve ever seen anywhere.


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