Smalltalk by The Seaside

“Great googly moogly” is not an expression I throw around lightly. I don’t want to frighten the children.

But Seaside makes me go, “Great googly moogly!”

It’s a web application development framework for Smalltalk (such as the open source Squeak project).

I’ve been walking through the tutorial and good gravy, it’s amazing.

You may be familiar with those spifftacular content management systems that let you go pointy clicky and go into “edit mode” and edit the content and formatting of the web page from the web page itself, all WYSIWYG? Seaside is like that, but with the whole application. You go pointy clicky and you get yourself a Smalltalk browser, and edit the code, or you get a Smalltalk inspector and edit the object representing the session you are currently in.

I’ve only barely scratched the surface of it but I got through enough of the tutorial to make my jaw drop.

Via Making It Stick and Steve Dekorte and at least one other blog I’ve forgotten.