Laptop Power Management – Ubuntu

This page helped me get power management on my laptop working with Ubuntu. That was the one outstandingly annoying thing — out of the box it didn’t have the ability to “sleep” or “hibernate” like my ibook did, which was a drag.

2 thoughts on “Laptop Power Management – Ubuntu”

  1. My laptop doesn’t either, and I’m actually pretty glad. My old Dell, when you closed the lid, would try to “sleep”. That *totally* wigged out X, and required a reboot. Total suckage. With my new Dell, when I close the lid it does nothing at all. So I can close it, move it out of the way of the TV and leave it for a while, then open it back up and viola! I’m back. Very nice. Sleeping is for lazy computers. :)

  2. Well, I’ve now got it rigged so that it will sleep — that is, suspend to RAM — if you hit the “sleep” function key, and it will wake up happily to whatever it was doing. :)

    Suspend to disk — total hibernate — still is flaky, so I’m not using it.

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