The Downing Street Memo

Have you read it? Why not? Read it. It’s more important than Michael Jackson but has gotten a lot less air time.

It only takes a couple minutes. You might as well familiarize yourself with what Bush & Co. was saying behind closed doors when they were saying publically that war was a last resort they were forced into by an imminent WMD threat.

2 thoughts on “The Downing Street Memo”

  1. It’s strange to me how little press this memo has received within America, especially since there are sources within both the British and US governments claiming its authenticity. The sources could be lying, but isn’t it worth checking?

  2. If Watergate happened today, would anybody care. Rush Limbaugh would tell his listeners it was a liberal conspiracy and Anne Coulter would say that it was just some good ol’ boys having fun like breaking into another fraternity. And the president would mutter something about how this really wasn’t news. At this point, so much evidence has come out that the administration lied to us (and so much evidence has been ignored by the media and public). If this really how everyone feels about democracy and accountability, we should save some money on voting machines and simply elect a king.

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