Clearly We Need More Conservative Judges

Like this one, to help preserve freedom in America.

In a divorce case between two parents who practice the Wiccan religion, a judge spontaneously introduced into the divorce degree a provision that neither of the parents expose the child to “non-mainstream” religious beliefs.

That’s right, the judge banned either of the parents from exposing the child to the religion they shared. The judge was following the suggestion of the “Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau, which provides recommendations to the court on child custody and visitation rights.” The Bureau had worried about the confusion caused by the “discrepancy” between the parents’ religion and the “belief system” adhered to by the Catholic school the boy happened to attend.

The religion of the parents had to be suppressed by court order because it conflicted with the religion of the boy’s school.

Every time I think it’s safe to read the news, they come up with something even more depressing.

On the flip side, everyone involved in the case seems to think it’ll be trivial to get this overturned. But that it happened in the first place is pretty sad.

“Then they came for the Wiccans, and I did not speak out because I was not a Wiccan…”