Another Voice on Bush at Calvin

From Sara — it’s a little harder to stand up and say “yeah, the Calvin I know really doesn’t stand for all that conservative stuff!” when you know you still, to this day, would not be accepted for who you are there, for fear of offending conservative parents and donors.

For all the support and encouragement I recieved from individuals at Calvin, my closeted time there was almost more than I could handle. From what I hear, it’s only getting worse due to an increase in conservative donors and parents. I would not be welcome as an employee of Calvin in any capacity. A marriage/union announcement of mine would never be printed in the magazine. Queer alumni groups must organize on their own. I couldn’t be a member of any contributing church.

1 thought on “Another Voice on Bush at Calvin”

  1. yeah, it’s hard to know when and how to fight. i have tons of respect for people who stick it out, but it feels pretty good to be far, far away.

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